Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DeWalts New Framing Hammer

DeWalt has a couple hammers in their hand tool line and one of them is the framing hammer-- all steel and lighter weight then most but still more powerful -- also available in smooth face.

World’s First 15 Ounce All-Steel, Framing Hammer Offers a Powerful, Lightweight Solution for Driving and Removing Nails

TOWSON, Md. (April 7, 2011) – DEWALT® announced today the launch of its 15 Ounce Framing Hammer (DWHT51138) as part of its new line of industrial hand tools. Due to its innovative design, this framing hammer (DWHT51138) is lighter and more powerful than conventional framing hammers, offering contractors a solution that can tackle nearly all professional wood framing applications on the jobsite while minimizing arm fatigue.

“Traditionally, hammers as heavy as 28 or even 32 ounces were the industry standard in framing applications; however, the trend is moving toward lighter hand and power tools,” said Ian Harney, global product manager, hammers and demolition tools. “Extensive jobsite research with professionals has led our engineering team to use MIG Weld Technology to match the weight of leading titanium hammers while maintaining the strength and durability that DEWALT end users demand. This innovation delivers the power professionals need to maximize their level of productivity while minimizing arm fatigue.”

The product also features a magnetic nail holding slot to efficiently set nails which will offer speed and accessibility in hard to reach areas.

The DEWALT 15 Ounce Framing Hammer is expected to retail for approximately $59.99.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

DeWalts New Tape Measures

Whats a line of hand tools without a tape measure??  Well DeWalt has tape measures and they have even improved them to make your life easier!!  This same style tape in the 30' and 35' also have the same 13' standout and Mylar coating as well as the nice big claw at the end to grab whatever you are trying to snag.
Check them out!!

New 25 Foot Short Tape with 13 Foot Blade Standout Reduces Manpower Needs on the Jobsite

TOWSON, Md. (April 12, 2011) – DEWALT® announced today the launch of its 1.25 inch, 25 Foot Short Tape (DWHT33385) as part of its new industrial hand tools line-up. The tape measure features an oversized end hook for high grabbing capability on jobsite materials, as well as 13 feet of blade standout to maximize productivity and ease-of-use. Both features allow the user to work alone where standard tapes fall short of the task.

“The new 1.25 inch, 25 Foot Short Tape touts several product innovations to help contractors become as efficient as possible on the jobsite,” said Tom Chang, global product manager, tape rules. “Standard tape measures feature end hooks that can only grasp materials from the bottom; however, our end hook can also grasp materials from the top and sides, making it easier to measure even the most challenging materials on the jobsite. In addition, the new tape offers 13 feet of blade standout and a durable, rubber slide lock that can withstand the daily rigors of jobsite abuse. Our tape measure also has a Mylar®* coating to protect the blade from wear and tear.”

A patented technology, using a specially designed 3M Thermoplastic film adhered to the first six inches of the blade, extends the lifespan of the product compared to competitive units without the technology. The tape measure also includes a high visibility blade, allowing contractors to see the blade in poor lighting conditions.

Complete with a limited lifetime warranty, the tape is expected to retail for approximately $24.99.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

DeWalts New Retracting Folding Utility Knife

Here is another of DeWalts new hand tools-- the folding utility knife-- check it out!

New Folding Retractable Utility Knife’s Quick Change Button Makes for Swift and Simple Blade Changes

TOWSON, Md. (April 14, 2011) – DEWALT® announced today the launch of its Folding Retractable Utility Knife (DWHT10035) as part of its new line of industrial hand tools. The DWHT10035 is one of the first hybrid folding retractable utility knives on the market. It combines the space savings capability of a folding utility knife with the convenience and functionality of a traditional retractable utility knife.

“Today’s utility knives tend to be either folding or retractable, but with the launch of the DWHT10035, we are offering a solution that provides the best of both worlds,” said Sara Godding, global product manager, knives and blades. “Its unique hybrid design comes as a result of comprehensive field research and talking to users about their jobsite challenges. We spent numerous hours on jobsites observing the ways contractors use utility knives to come up with products that help them be more productive and profitable. These tools are an essential part of their daily work, so an all-in-one utility knife is a critical solution to their needs.”

DEWALT’s folding retractable knife features Rapid Load™ blade change for a quick blade change action, as well as on-board blade storage for up to three blades. A metal body provides durability while its ergonomic soft grip offers comfort to help reduce fatigue. Additionally, a built-in twine cutter allows for fast and easy twine or wire cutting when the blade is in the retracted position.

Complete with a limited lifetime warranty, the DEWALT knife will include three standard size utility blades. The knife is expected to retail for approximately $9.99.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

DeWalts New Tool Box with Power Tool Case

Along with the new DeWalt hand tools there are a couple neat tool boxes that go along with them-- this one has a removable top part that will carry your basic power tools along with your hand tools and other hardware you may need for the job-- take a look at the info below and follow the link to see pictures and to get one!!

New DEWALT ® 24 Inch Tote with Power Tool Case Provides an Innovative Organization and Storage Solution for Contractors

TOWSON, Md. (April 21, 2011) – DEWALT announced today the introduction of its 24 Inch Tote with Power Tool Case (DWST24070). The two-in-one storage solution allows contractors to easily store power tools, hand tools and accessories—like drill bits, nails and screws—in the power tool case, which also functions as a lid. For internal storage customization, the tool case has a removable divider that stores larger items in the bottom of the tote, helping to eliminate the need for multiple tool bags.

“Our new storage solution offers contractors a means of organizing, sorting and transporting their tools from one jobsite to the next,” said Naama Eylon, storage commercialization manager. “After talking to contractors on jobsites across the country, we realized that there was a demand for a versatile and durable storage container that eliminates the need for multiple tool boxes and bags. With proven technology and innovations that matter, we’re confident that this product will meet professionals’ functional needs and deliver the durability and quality they expect from DEWALT .”

Designed and continually optimized to perform under real-life conditions, the power tool case boasts a clearly visible yellow button on the front of the unit that allows for easy detaching/attaching of the tool case to the tote.

For trouble-free transportation around the jobsite, the tote is equipped with a reinforced metal handle that allows for an easy grip and enables the unit to carry a maximum load of 70 pounds.

Looking to build an easy-to-use and durable storage solution, the DEWALT unit’s handle stays in a locked position when the case is being carried upright, but it easily folds to a side when the unit is placed on a surface. The tool case also features anti-rust metal latches and hinges for durability.

Complete with a limited lifetime warranty, the 24 Inch Tote with Power Tool Case will be beginning in June 2011, and it is expected to retail for approximately $25.

Monday, October 3, 2011

New DeWalt Hand Tools-- 5 in 1 Hack Saw

Now this is the coolest saw ever----not only does it configure differently for the hack blade but you can also use reciprocating saw blades in it!!  How cool is that-- heres the info and follow the link to get yours---

New DEWALT® 5-in-1 Hacksaw Provides an Innovative Saw Solution for Contractors

TOWSON, Md. (June 2, 2011) – DEWALT announced today the introduction of its 5-in-1 Hacksaw (DWHT20547). The saw provides general contractors, electricians, plumbers and metal fabricators five saws in one tool, helping to eliminate the need for multiple handsaws for a variety of jobsite applications.

“Our new aluminum die-cast hacksaw offers professionals the functionality, convenience and comfort of five different saws in one,” said Tuck Viyakornvilas, product manager. “After talking to contractors on jobsites across the country, we realized there was a demand for a versatile and durable hacksaw that eliminates the need for multiple saws and continues the tradition of tough, workhorse solutions that DEWALT tools provide.”

Meeting the demands of real-life conditions, the 5-in-1 hacksaw is designed to perform five of the most common tasks found on the jobsite. The standard high-tension application acts as a typical 90 degree hacksaw, securely holds the blade up to 330 lbs. and is ideal for cutting PVC and metal piping. For 45 degree flush cuts, the contractor can simply remove the blade, flip the saw over and place the blade on the opposite side of the frame, making a 45 degree angle to the saw handle. The contractor can then remove the blade and the rubber over-molded die-cast nosepiece and insert the blade back in the main frame, transforming the tool into a low-profile hacksaw for cutting in tight or confined spaces.

For hard to reach applications on the jobsite, today’s professional can also convert the saw into a long reach hacksaw. The contractor can remove the hacksaw blade, loosen the blade storage knob on the top of the saw, remove the reciprocating saw blade from the storage compartment and insert and tighten the reciprocating saw blade or the hacksaw blade in the front of the saw for long reach. Finally, the saw can be changed into a pistol-grip jab saw for drywall applications. Professionals can simply insert the reciprocating saw blade into the bi-material nosepiece and tighten.

Complete with a limited lifetime warranty, the 5-in-1 Hacksaw will be available through independent distributors and two-step distribution beginning in July 2011, and it is expected to retail for approximately $24.97. The new saw comes equipped with one hacksaw blade and one reciprocating saw blade.