Monday, February 22, 2010

Battery Care

Hey Guys---
Here is a VERY important tidbit for everyone who uses DeWalt cordless tools---generally you are your tools worst enemy!!  Due to false information running ramped among cordless tool users everyone is running their batteries totally DEAD before you charge them up---NOT GOOD!  You have just killed your battery life big time.  The batteries need to be charged when they start to loose power--dont run them down to get that last turn of the screw-- change the battery!!  When the power starts to drop put them on the charger and charge them up.  It is also good to put them on the charger overnight once a week if you use the tools daily so they have a chance to totally charge up and also the charger will have a chance to perform maintenance on the battery.  There is a link below to the DeWalt battery care info-- if you have employees using your batteries you may want to print some copies and save yourself some money on replacing batteries which should still be working.


Friday, February 19, 2010


Hi Everyone
There is a carving show coming up March 6th and 7th (Saturday and Sunday) in Hudson.  This is a great local show so if you have any interest in becoming a carver, are a carver or just want to go see some really cool carved items this is worth the visit!!  You will see carvers with their work on display and for sale--carving tools, books and supplies for sale and there is usually someone there giving some kind of demonstration.  Don't miss it!!
Heres where and when:

HUDSON, FL 34669

SUNDAY     10-3

Happy Carving :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Did you know that for the past couple years DeWalt has been working on improving their accessory line??  One of the great improvements is the auger bits--- they have been improved unlike other brands so when you hit a nail-- and you know you are--you can actually keep using the bit!!  Other bits you have to toss-- these are specially designed to keep working and then you can sharpen them for more uses.  Here is part of a DeWalt press release on some of the accessory changes and here is what they say about the auger bits:

"The company’s power ship auger bits have a resharpenable edge and side lip that can cut through nails. A hollow flute design aids in fast chip removal. These bits are heat treated for longer life and are available in various flute lengths and diameters from 9/16" to 1-1/2"."